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What to Wear for Senior Pictures | OKC Senior Photographer

January 12, 2021

One thing to always keep in mind when choosing your outfits/wardrobe for your senior pictures is that they should always be a reflection of YOU, your style and your personality! These tips are to help you look your best and feel beautiful!

  • Off the shoulder tops always photograph so beautifully!
Girls wearing off the shoulder tops for their senior pictures.
  • Black or white crop top! These are so versatile and you can literally use them anytime of the year!
High school senior girls wearing crop tops for their senior photos.

  • Make sure you bring along at least 1 outfit that makes you feel AMAZING! Something you wouldn’t normally wear, your prom dress is always a great option!
Senior girls wearing their prom dresses during their senior photo session.
  • Something with material that moves! That could be your prom dress, like the images above, or long flowy dresses and skirts. I just LOVE movement in senior photos.
Girls showing what to wear for senior pictures.
  • Bring options! We will work together to choose what will look best at each location. It is always better to bring along more than what you think you will need. We might not use them all, but at least you won’t be wishing you had brought that one item you decided to leave at home. You definitely want your senior pictures to have some variety to them, so make sure you bring a mix of colors, patterns, lengths, textures, casual, dressy, etc. Check out the great variety these 3 had in their final galleries!
  • Layers. You can add layers with multiple shirts, jackets, cardigans, and scarfs. These will all add some extra visual interest and also allow for more variety in your images.
Senior girls posing and showing how to wear layers for senior portraits.
  • Accessories can really make your images stand out. Think about things like floppy hats, sunglasses, statement jewelry, and leather jackets.
Accessories to wear for you senior pictures.
  • SHOES!!!! Don’t forget about your shoes! They can completely pull an outfit together or make a statement! Make sure you have a pair to go with each outfit that you bring to your session.
Girls showing off their awesome shoes for their senior pictures.

Some general things to think about:

  • Dress for the season you are taking your senior pictures in. If you have scheduled a summer session, don’t show up in fall clothing.
  • If you are an athlete and want to incorporate your sport into your session, bring along all your sports equipment and uniforms.
  • Wear a tank underneath. This just makes it easier to change throughout the session.
  • Avoid overly bright and neon colors. They will leave a color cast on your skin and no one wants to end up with a bright green face.
  • Wear appropriate undergarments. If you are wearing an off the shoulder top, it’s a great idea to bring along a strapless bra. Nude undergarments are always a good idea as well.

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