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Tips to Documenting Your Senior Year in Pictures | OKC Senior Photographer

June 18, 2021

CLASS OF 2022: This one’s for YOU! 

Let’s talk about 3 ways to document your senior year that will help you remember it forever! 

This is one of the most exciting times of your life and it’s time to document a new chapter! Whether you’re taking pics with your friends, or at a senior event, here’s a few ways to level up your memories: 

#1. DETAIL SHOTS: get up close and personal with the details! Take a few pictures of your prom shoes and jewelry, or your fave football game outfit, and your graduation announcements and college acceptance letters when they come in. These kinds of shots will help you reminisce on the little things that made your senior year great! 

#2. EVENTS: I know it’s great to take pictures of you and friends BEFORE the big senior events, but that’s where most of the documentation stops. Don’t forget to document the events as they are happening: you and your friends dancing the night away, hanging out together, and experiencing what makes your senior year so special. 

#3. FRIENDS: this one, most of you have down! 15 years from now, your senior year will be a distant memory and all you’ll have left are these pictures you take. Include all your friends in serious poses, silly poses, group shots, selfies… all of it. 

NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: PRINT THESE IMAGES! You don’t want to capture all these amazing pictures only for them to live on your phone, right?! PRINT THEM OUT!

Senior girl posing at football stadium in her cheerleading uniform for her senior photos in Norman, Oklahom.

Are you ready to book your professional senior portrait session? Brandi Price Photography has already started photographing seniors for the class of 2022 and is currently booking summer and fall senior pictures!

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  1. I love taking detail shots! Catching up close images of shoes, medals, shirts, and uniforms, are some of my favorites during senior portrait sessions. Definitely gotta catch images during events too, so important! Great tips Brandi!

  2. Jodi Major says:

    What wonderful tips for documenting your senior year for high school seniors. Beautiful images for this senior

  3. Shunta says:

    These are gorgeous and what great information to give and tips. Always Document your last year

    • Brandi Price says:

      Thank you! It is so important for them to capture all the memories of their senior year, as it goes by so fast!

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