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5 Ways To Prepare For Your Senior Photo Session

August 2, 2021

Things To Consider When Planning For Your OKC Senior Photo Shoot:

I get a lot of seniors who come to me nervous about their session day. Not necessarily about the pictures, but more of the preparation for the day. They ask me, “What if I forget something?!” Well, the following list should help ease your mind while you get ready for your big picture day!

#1. Put each full outfit on ONE hanger. This helps you see your clothes put together as whole collections instead of just pieces. This will help you see if you’re missing anything on each outfit. Also, remember to have the proper under garments to go with each outfit as well.

#2. Start a senior session Pinterest board and include ideas for makeup and hair inspiration. When you book with Brandi Price Photography, professional hair and makeup is complimentary. Having an inspiration board will help you communicate with the hair and makeup artist exactly what you want.

#3. Pair your accessories with each outfit. Accessories could include jewelry, hats, sunglasses, etc. This is one of the most forgotten items for session day. Use a ziploc bag and put all accessories for each outfit in their own bag. Attach that bag to the hanger with the outfit you will be wearing it with, then you will remember which accessory goes with each outfit when we get out on location. Don’t forget SHOES to go with each outfit too!

#4. Pack an EMERGENCY KIT! You never know what might happen and it is always best to be over prepared! Bug spray is always a must in Oklahoma. Between the mosquitos, flies, and gnats it’s always a good idea to keep a can of bug spray with you!

With the Oklahoma weather (heat, humidity, random rain, wind) it’s always a good idea to bring along a brush or comb, bobby pins, and hair spray to tackle any flyaway hair or frizzies.

With all the smiling and outdoor elements, chapstick is another great item to carry with you during your senior photos. A quick and light snack, plus some water will also come in helpful if you start to lose energy during the session.

#5. The final thing you’ll want to do to prepare for your senior photo session is eat a nice healthy meal and drink some water before you head to get hair and makeup done. You don’t want to show up and not have eaten anything all day, you won’t have the energy needed to finish up the session.

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  1. Spot on suggestions for portrait days! Great blog!

  2. Keith Haynes says:

    That is an awesome article. Some many great well thought out tips. Thank you for the advice.

  3. These are great ideas to help prepare for senior photos! I love that you have a link to your what to wear guide too!

  4. andrea says:

    Here are some great ideas for a successful senior photo session. It is clear that Brandi has processsed what a senior wants, how to make them look their best, and how to deliver quality and artful photography to each of her seniors!

  5. Jodi Major says:

    These are 5 wonderful ways to prepare for your senior photo session. And these OKC senior photos are beautiful!

  6. Shunta says:

    Always such a great idea to have everything ready before the shoot day! Great list to put together for seniors to be ready and what to do to have them prepared

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