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What To Wear For Senior Pictures For Guys | Oklahoma Senior Photographer

January 14, 2021

The biggest question I get from both senior girls and senior guy mom’s (let’s be honest, the guys don’t usually care as much!) is What Should I Wear For My Senior Photos?

Here are my top tips for What Senior Guys Should Wear For Their Senior Pictures:

The Casual Look

  • jeans with a button up shirt (buttoned up and left untucked or unbuttoned with a t-shirt underneath)
  • khaki shorts with a polo
  • jeans and a sweater
A photo collage with examples of casual outfits senior guy's can wear for their senior pictures.

The Formal Look (ALWAYS do at least 1 formal look!)

  • a sweater with dress pants and dress shoes
  • khaki’s with a button up shirt tucked in with dress shoes
  • a suit ( I promise, you won’t regret it!)
Clothing ideas for guys senior pictures

The Personality Look

  • Sports uniform. You could do this a couple ways… full on sports gear with equipment and everything, jersey top with jeans, or regular/casual clothes with just a piece of the sporting equipment.
  • An instrument or something related to a hobby that you love.
  • If you are super into fashion, bring something a little trendier that really shows the style of the time.
  • Another favorite of the guy’s is to bring along your car or truck! Make sure you choose an outfit/colors that would compliment the color of the car or truck and not clash with it.
Prop ideas and what to wear ideas for senior guy pictures

Here are some general tips and things to consider.

Solid Colors: Solid colors in neutrals like blues, greens, and grays will always photograph well. They will work with most backgrounds.

Make Sure your Clothing is Ironed. Iron all clothing before coming to the session and then bring them to the session on a hanger. You can’t hide wrinkles in photographs very well.

A Few Things to Stay Away From: no tank tops, no overly branded clothing with big graphics on them, and avoid bright neon colors.

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  1. Shunta says:

    I like how you put this blog post together of what to wear for your set session especially for the guys. That’s a big one. Great blog post and great pics to go along with it.

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