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Best Locations for Senior Pictures in Oklahoma City

February 22, 2024

Hey there, high school seniors! Are you ready to capture some unforgettable memories as you step into the next chapter of your life? As an experienced Oklahoma senior photographer for over 7 years, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing seniors all around the OKC metro area. Today, I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite locations where we can create magic during your senior photo session!

Oklahoma City Senior Photos in the Myriad Botanical Gardens

Let’s kick things off with the Myriad Botanical Gardens. This beautiful 17-acre park is located right in the middle of Oklahoma City. It offers a wide variety of backdrops from stunning landscape to stairs to water. If weather is an issue, you can also go inside the Crystal Bridge and get some awesome senior pictures! The Crystal Bridge was recently renovated and I can not wait until I get the opportunity to photograph a senior session in there again. Rain or shine, this location promises gorgeous senior pictures that capture the essence of nature.

Fun Senior Pictures at the Devon Ice Rink/Splash Pad

During the winter this spot is the Devon Ice Skating Rink, but during the rest of the year it is a reflecting pool and splash pad with an amazing background of trees and flowers and the beautiful Colcord Hotel. This is becoming my clients favorite spot of the senior photo session! Take a look and see why! This location is just on the east side of the Myriad Gardens, so you can enjoy both locations during your senior photos!

*I did a poll on Instagram after posting this article and this location was voted the favorite location in OKC for Senior Pictures by a landslide! Every high school girl LOVES it!

Senior Pictures in Downtown OKC

I always love when we park around the Myriad Botanical Gardens and use that space and then also walk around the beautiful buildings of downtown OKC. You can get so much great variety in your gallery and it is all within walking distance! There’s stairs, windows, lights, roads that are safe to take photos in, and all different types of architecture. Let’s take a stroll and capture the essence of the city in your senior portraits.

Looking for some Beautiful Reflection Shots in Your Senior Portraits: Check out these Glass Walls!

Looking to add a touch of elegance to your senior portraits? Look no further than the stunning glass walls along Robinson Street. These reflective surfaces create captivating shots that are sure to impress both you and your mom! Plus, it’s conveniently located near other downtown hotspots, offering endless possibilities for your photoshoot. The reflection shot is always one of mom’s absolute favorite in the final gallery! These first 4 locations are all within walking distance of each other!

Scissortail Park for Senior Pictures

If you’re drawn to golden hour vibes and rustic charm, Scissortail Park is the perfect location for your senior pictures. You can find tall grass during almost every season in the park. There is also the cutest little train station that has a beautiful rustic window that is perfect to add some variety to your images.

Senior Photos in the Paseo Arts District

For a burst of color and creativity, look no further than the Paseo Arts District. With its mix of vibrant buildings and walls, this neighborhood offers endless opportunities for playful and unique senior portraits. From pastel hues to bold splashes of color, let’s showcase your personality against this colorful backdrop. There is also a beautiful neutral/white space that photographs beautifully.

Devon Boathouse

For seniors who crave a touch of drama and sophistication, the Devon Boathouse offers a striking backdrop that commands attention. Whether you’re donning a glamorous prom dress or a chic ensemble, this location promises to elevate your senior portraits to new heights of elegance and style. On the other side of the boathouse, there are these amazing white stairs! I love how the 2 looks balance each other out in a final gallery.

Rooftop Senior Photos in OKC

Another popular location for senior photos in OKC is on this rooftop. The sun sets and creates a beautiful golden glow right around the top of Frontline Church. If you turn just a little you get a glimpse of the OKC skyline too! Not to mention, the gorgeous colors of the Oklahoma sunset. There is also a set of pretty yellow steps with glowy light shining through on the rooftop.

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If you’re feeling inspired and ready to book your senior portrait session, I’d love to hear from you! Brandi Price Photography specializes in creating professional and personalized senior portraits that reflect your unique style and personality. Whether you’re from Choctaw, Edmond, Moore, Norman, Yukon, Enid, or any surrounding areas, I’m here to make your senior photo experience unforgettable.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture this special moment in time. Reach out to me at brandi@brandipricephotography.com or give me a call at 405-255-4757 to discuss and book your custom senior session today!

I can’t wait to meet you and create beautiful memories together. Let’s make your senior year truly unforgettable with stunning photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

  1. Ali says:

    Wowza!! These are some fantastic locations!

    Your works is super beautiful as well!

    • Brandi Price says:

      Thank you so much! I love that I can offer so many diverse locations for my seniors for their sessions!

  2. Shunta says:

    Omg these locations are so beautiful and they way that you used them are awesome! I love everything about this blog post.

  3. Elle says:

    Amazing Locations Brandi! Great Blog Post and Gorgeous Images. Can’t wait till things start blooming:)

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  9. Michelle says:

    Brandi, I love that made such a full list of the best places for senior pictures in Oklahoma City! You offer your clients so many options and each location has a different vibe. There is sure to be something for everyone, but I think my favorite is the splash pad! How fun!!!

  10. Jodi Major says:

    Goodness. You’ve got some really beautiful locations for senior pictures in Oklahoma City. What lucky high school seniors you have to have so much beautiful architecture and locations.

  11. There are so many gorgeous locations to choose from, for your senior photos in Oklahoma City! Any type of look you are going for…it’s there!

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  13. Susan says:

    Gorgeous outdoor Senior Portrait ideas for girls!

  14. Jody Autumn says:

    Coming ack to this post again and again. You always find the best OKC locations for senior photos. Stunning!

  15. Brandi, I always love visiting your site and reading about your seniors! This guide of great locations for OKC senior pictures is such a great resource! Thank you for always providing the BEST for your clients!

  16. Carla Lehman says:

    What an incredible, comprehensive list of ABSOLUTELY beautiful locations. Showing seniors what their photos can look like through your stunning images makes it an easy choice to book the best – YOU!

  17. WOW! Your OKC senior portraits are gorgeous! I love the way to use the locations to best accentuate your clients! And I can see you and your clients have a lot of fun!

  18. You have the best, most beautifully lit locations for OKC senior photos! Obsessed!

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