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May 2, 2022

Looking for the Best Senior Photographer in OKC?

Think you’re ready to hire that senior photographer you’ve been checking out? NOT SO FAST!

Before you commit to hiring a senior photographer, one of the things you want to ask them is to see a FULL SESSION from a past client. This is a great way to see what your session will look like in addition to some very important factors.

Any photographer can post a few great highlights on their IG, but it’s important that the photographer you hire can produce a full session of amazing images that are beautifully cohesive with great lighting, focus, and color throughout.

Here’s 2 reasons you should ask to see a full session before you hire a photographer:

1. consistency: are some of the images super bright while others are super dark? Are some in focus and some blurry? Are some edited differently than others? You want to hire a photographer who can give you consistently beautiful images throughout the entire session. All of the images should be consistent in lighting, exposure, color, and edit!

2. variety: I know we just talked about a session being consistent, but we also want it to have variety (but not how you think). A gallery should have variety in posing, locations, angles, facial expressions and so much more.

Hire a photographer who can do both, consistency and variety, where it matters.

Check out Sydney’s full senior session below!

Let’s first look at the consistency of the senior pictures: all are properly exposed and edited in a true to life way. No filters or presets here!

Now let’s look at the variety (we will talk more about this in just a minute too!): There is variety in her outfits. She chose 4 different outfits and all have a different vibe. With BPP you get to change outfits as many times as you’d like! It’s your session, you get to choose!

There’s also variety in her posing. I like to get some more formal/traditional poses that mom is going to want to hang on her wall and some more modern/editorial poses that the senior will love to post on IG!

And lastly, there is variety in the locations. We started around the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall. Then we drove over the Myriad Gardens area for the next 2 outfits. I love all the variety in that area of downtown OKC. You can get the pretty greens and flowers of the gardens and walk right across the street and have a more modern feel with the lights and glass walls. We finished up Sydney’s senior session in the new Scissortail Park. The tall foliage is always a favorite and the old train station is also a fun little spot!

Let’s talk a little more about the variety in a session gallery:

There’s nothing worse than a senior session gallery full of image after image of the same pose, same location, same outfit, same everything! Here at Brandi Price Photography, I strive to give my clients something different in their galleries and that is VARIETY!

Here’s 3 ways we create variety in our senior sessions!

1. wardrobe: we make sure to help you prep your wardrobe with tons of variety included! From colors and styles to seasonal trends and do’s and don’ts to tips & tricks, you’ll have the most amazing variety built in to your session wardrobe! Like I said above, bring all the outfits you want! We can mix and match and work through all your faves! I always say, it is better to bring too many and not use all of them than to not bring enough.

2. locations: we make sure to hit different locations for each outfit change to make sure it complements your wardrobe! One of the best things about senior pictures in OKC is there are so many location options so close to each other! We can park and walk to several different settings. We can also hit the Paseo Arts District and then it’s just a short drive over to the Myriad Botanical Gardens and Downtown OKC. These are some of the best locations in OKC for senior pictures.

3. posing: This is something the majority of my senior clients are worried about. Don’t stress! I will help you with posing throughout your entire session. I love to add some movement, so you will walk towards me, or twist back and forth, step of the curb, etc to get some of the more natural poses and natural expressions that you make. I will also help you with some more classic and timeless posing.

If variety and consistency is something you want for your senior session, let’s get you booked today! I am already booking for Class of 2023 and summer spots are filling fast! Email me at brandi@brandipricephotography.com or fill out the Contact Form and I’ll send you my senior client magazine with pricing and the steps to booking your Brandi Price Photography Senior Session!

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  1. Susan says:

    This is an awesome post on how to choose the best Senior Portrait Photographer, especially the point about seeing a complete gallery from one client’s session!

  2. This is all so true!! Seniors and their parents should always ask to see full galleries before hiring a senior portrait photographer. It’s too big of a milestone to hire an amateur, and we know that just because you have a business doesn’t mean you can provide a consistent gallery of photos. Sydney’s senior portraits are filled with great variety, lots of outfits and locations, but also that high quality, consistency only available if you choose a professional photographer.

  3. Jody Autumn says:

    Stunning galleries and such a powerful reminder to ask for a full gallery before hiring a photographer for senior photos! This time in life goes by so fast.

    Love how you added tips and tricks to get more variety in their session. So many stunning options in Oklahoma City to have professional senior portraits taken.

  4. Andrea says:

    Love these photos and ideas! I love the suggestion to see a whole session of photos from a past client. What a great way to preview the variety of a senior session.

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