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What is the BPP Senior Team? | Oklahoma Senior Photography Team

February 16, 2024

If you are a current Junior in high school and wondering what the BPP Senior Team is, this is for you!

The Brandi Price Photography Senior Team is a group of girls from around the Oklahoma City metro area that love making new friends, love being in front of the camera, and love to have fun! You don’t need to know how to “model” or pose, I will be there for you the entire time to guide you along the way.

As a part of the Senior Team you will get to be a part of exclusive styled shoots that are available to team members only. Although themes can and will change from year to year, here’s the list of what we did for the Class of 2024 Senior Team:

Skincare and Makeup Class

Summer Fun at The Lake!

Football Fun

Fall Team Pictures

Christmas Session

New Year’s Eve Shoot

Valentine’s Shoot

And we will have one final session together this spring. It will be a college themed shoot and cap and gown. Each girl will wear a t-shirt from the college they will be attending in the fall and bring along their cap and gown and we will get together one final time before high school graduation! Here’s a look at a previous team cap and gown session.

You will be a part of an exclusive group and make forever memories during your last year of high school!

A huge benefit to being on the BPP Senior Team is getting pictures from your whole senior year. You will have your full senior session during the summer between your junior and senior year and then we will meet up several times throughout your senior year. In the end, you will end up with your whole year documented and fun pictures to remember your senior year of high school.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing more information about the BPP Senior Team over on my Instagram! Come follow along for all the details! Applications will be sent to the VIP List on Friday, March 1st and then will go live for everyone on Monday, March 4th! I can not wait to read through all the applications and meet all of you that will make up the Senior Team for the Class of 2025!

Wouldn’t you LOVE to have this many pictures and this much variety in your images from your senior year?!?

All images below are from themed team sessions and the individual senior session. So many images to capture all the fun memories of your senior year! I can not wait to see what sessions we end up doing next year!

“I’ve loved being a part of the BPP senior team this year, it’s a great way to make new friends and it’s such a fun experience! My favorite memory is probably the first real shoot we had in the Witchita Mountains. The car ride there and back was so fun and we got to talk and get to know each other. My favorite team session was the Christmas session. The photos were amazing and trying to make friendship bracelets was super fun! I loved to have Brandi with my individual session before the team shoots because I felt like I knew Brandi much better and it made taking pictures with her so much easier! Overall I would suggest to Juniors that they should definitely join the BPP senior group because it’s a great experience and you get to have a bunch of amazing professionally done pictures of yourself!!” -Ella, Class of 2024 BPP Senior Team Member

“You are amazingly talented at what you do not only with the camera but with the girls! Such a positive, caring, safe atmosphere for them to laugh, smile, and have fun all while boosting their inner confidence and making new friends 👏😍 Thank you!!! 😊” -Kara, Mom of Londyn, Class of 2024 BPP Team Member

“Being on the 2024 Brandi Price Photography team was an amazing choice for my senior photos. Not only did I get a personalized senior shoot with a professional hair and makeup stylist, I got a chance to do other shoots with a super fun group of girls. Brandi was able to my senior year more memorable with this team.” -Kailey, Class of 2024 Senior Team Member

“Brandi’s senior team is such an awesome and unique experience. I love working with fellow seniors from different schools, and Brandi is so kind and welcoming! One of my favorite parts was working with Gaby and learning about makeup! I really enjoyed connecting with other girls and just being able to have fun and take pictures. My favorite shoot was definitely Christmas! My favorite memory was definitely the first meeting when I got to meet everyone! I think working with Brandi before my session helped because I got to meet her and wasn’t uncomfortable when taking pictures, and I got an idea of how she took pictures so I could plan my outfits!” -Ali, Class of 2024 BPP Senior Team Member

“I have loved working with the team this year!! I have met the best girls! Brandi is also the best at what she does! She has done such an amazing job planning with everything! She has truly made my senior year a dream!! I can not imagine not doing this team! You will absolutely meet the best girls and have the best pictures taken!!” -Alajah, Class of 2024 Senior Team Member

Not only do you get all the fun individuals, but you also get a gallery full of images with all the new friends you make as a part of the team!

Are you ready to spend your senior year having a blast, making new friends, and having beautiful photos to document it all?!? Contact me today and I will get you on the VIP List and you will receive the Senior Team application before anyone else! I can not wait to see all the applications come in and get to meet all the fun girls that will make up the BPP Senior Team for the Class of 2025.

A few FAQ’s about the senior team:

Does it cost? While there is not an additional cost to being on the team, you are agreeing that I will be your senior photographer. Check out my website for some general costs associated with a senior session. Once you fill out an application, I will send you the Senior Magazine that will fully cover all costs.

Do I have to know how to model? Absolutely not!

Do I have to look a certain way? NOPE! This is open to all high school juniors and is not based on looks at all!

What if I can’t attend 1 of the events/shoots? No problem! You are not required to attend any of the events, but you will get out of the team what you put into it!

Do I have to attend a certain high school to be on the team? No! I have girls from all across the metro area on the senior team. High schools represented this year include: Carl Albert, Mustang, Edmond Memorial, Community Christian, Moore, Deer Creek, Norman North, and I have even had girls from as far away as Enid join the team!

BONUS: 4 Hacks To Get Chosen for The BPP Senior Team

Here’s 4 things our BPP team looks for that will help you stand out in the Senior Team application process: 

1. Personable personality: we want seniors who aren’t afraid to tell their friends about us, make our team feel like a community, and allow their unique personalities to shine through their pictures! We love seniors who are friendly, outgoing, and excited to be on our team! 

2. Stand out social platforms: our goal is to create a rep team with seniors who can uphold our BPP values and we’re looking for like-minded team members! We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying, harassment, and other similar behavior. 

3. Enthusiasm: excited to work with us?! Let us see it! Show your excitement through posting on your social media platforms about the application process and pre-confirmation meetings! This will certainly get our attention and show your eagerness to become a member of our team! 

4. Reliability: let us know that you can be punctual to team sessions and get togethers by submit your application on time. This lets us know that we can rely on you which is a HUGE benefit for our team! 

Notice that NONE of that has anything to do with modeling, posing, or knowing what to do in front of the camera! You don’t have to be a super model to be on our team – just an outstanding senior who is excited to work with us, and shows it throughout the application process!

Can’t wait to apply for our 2025 model team?!? Join our Senior Rep VIP list today and you will be the very first to know when all the application details come out! Send me a DM on IG that says “VIP” and I will get you added to the list! Applications will go out to the VIP list on Friday, March 1st and will go live for everyone else on Monday, March 4th.

Brandi Price Photography is a senior photographer that specializes in professional senior portraits and is conveniently located in OKC. My seniors come to me from Choctaw, Edmond, Moore, Norman, Yukon, Enid, and surrounding areas.

Brandi Price Photography is now booking beautiful portrait sessions for the spring for the Class of 2024!

Check out my Senior Portfolio.

  1. Jodi Major says:

    The BPP Senior Team looks and sounds like an absolutely amazing time for these upcoming seniors. What a wonderful way to celebrate their senior year

  2. Andrea says:

    This looks like so much fun for seniors who love photos! I especially love that they don’t need to know how to pose and don’t need to already have modeling skills of any kind because you are there to guide them and make the best senior photos! Brandi Price Photography Senior Team is a brilliant group!

  3. Oklahoma seniors are in for such a treat if they join your senior team! You offer such fun themed photo shoots as well as the best senior pictures! This is such a beautiful group of young women, I’m sure Class of 2023 will have a blast too!

  4. This sounds like an amazing experience for Seniors! These themed shoots sound great and the learning experiences you offer alone would be worth it! What a treat!

  5. Deborah A. says:

    What a great senior experience you offer your BPP Senior Team! Such great variety and wonderful portraits for them to cherish from their senior year!

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  7. I love coming back to see all the fun team photo shoots you do with your seniors! They always look like they’re having so much fun, and I know you’re having fun right along with them!

  8. Wow! What an honor it is to be on the BPP senior team for Oklahoma senior portraits! These upcoming seniors will have so many great images to show off and enjoy for years to come. What great memories!

  9. Carla Lehman says:

    Seriously, I want to be on your BPP TEAM!! What incredible perks, the skin and makup class, so many sessions, new friendships and images to cherish, what a great opporunity!

  10. Susan says:

    I just love the variety of images you provide to your Senior Portrait Clients.

    • Brandi Price says:

      I love that the seniors that choose to be on the senior team get their whole senior year documented!

  11. Andrea says:

    I think your themed team sessions are brilliant. It is clear that your clients trust you behind the camera and love the photos that you capture. My favorite nugget from this blog is that your clients feel safe and confident with you and that they actually receive a self esteem boost from their senior photo experience! Bravo Brandi!

  12. Jody says:

    Can I be a senior again and be a part of your senior team?! This experience looks and sounds amazing. Stunning personalized senior photos plus fun team sets?! yes, please! Oklahoma City seniors need to hop on this fast!

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