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November 13, 2023

BPP Senior Team 2024 Summer Session

For this year’s summer team session I wanted to do something different that we had never done before. I have photographed a family at Mt. Scott and thought it would be the perfect location to take the senior team. We all met up at my OKC studio and hopped in a couple cars and drove the hour and a half to the Wildlife Refuge near Lawton. Once we arrived we found out that you could not drive up to Mt. Scott because of some roadwork. We could have hiked up there, but since it was 106 degrees outside that day and the girls were all in their dresses, we decided that wasn’t the best option. It was a bit of a bummer, but we made the best of the situation!

Thankfully a couple mom’s came with us and one of them has a friend that works for the Wildlife Refuge and he was able to point us to some other spots. We took some photos near the Holy City and in the Parallel Forest, but the best ones of the day were sunset at the lake!

They jumped in without hesitation and we were able to just roll with the day and we created some amazing photos! A couple of the girls had dresses that couldn’t get wet, but we were still able to create some gorgeous images on the shore line for them. Look at the genuine smiles and laughter! Best part of my job!

A few reasons you should consider taking some of your senior photos by a lake:

  • Scenic backdrop: Water and lakes provide a stunning and natural backdrop for your photos. The reflection of the water can add such a unique quality to your pictures.
  • Variety of poses: With water as your setting, you can experiment with different poses and angles to create a variety of shots. You can sit on a dock, stand at the edge of the water, or even get in the water for some super fun pictures!
  • Natural lighting: The reflection of the water can provide natural lighting that is ideal for outdoor photography. This can enhance the colors and details of your pictures.
  • Personal meaning: If you have a special connection to a lake or body of water, incorporating it into your senior pictures can make them even more meaningful and personal.
  • Having senior pictures taken around water or a lake can add a unique and beautiful element to your photos.

There are a couple locations in the OKC area to capture senior photos with water. Lake Hefner, Lake Arcadia, and Lake Overholser can provide just the look you are going for!

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We just gathered for our fall team session and I can not wait to share those with you all soon!

  1. Brandi, I really love senior photos by the lake! Your team must have had an absolute blast at this photo shoot. Their images are all so much fun and the dresses are so pretty!

  2. Susan says:

    How fun to do a BFF shoot with your friends to celebrate the culmination of High School!

  3. Jody Autumn says:

    These should be a must-have on all seniors’ wish-list for photos! They will soon be going in all different directions, love that you document this time for them. Your group senior photos are always so fun and authentic.

  4. Amazing senior photos of some amazing moments with friends! What a great idea, and a brilliant way to get many friends into the activity!

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