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Senior Picture Ideas for Guys | Oklahoma Senior Photographer

March 13, 2024

Have you ever wondered if I can create a full gallery of stunning senior images for your son like I do for my senior girl clients? I know you have because I get this question ALL. THE. TIME!

The answer is YES!

One of the most important things to look for when hiring a senior photographer (or any photographer) is to make sure they can provide a full gallery of stunning photos and not just one or two for themselves to post on social media.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. “Senior photos? That’s not really my thing.” But hear me out. Senior photos are not just about posing awkwardly in front of a camera. They are about capturing who you are at this pivotal moment in your life.


Today, I am going to let you see 2 full sessions so you can be the judge of that! I pride myself on producing consistent images throughout an entire gallery and am so excited to show you that through 2 full galleries of senior guys images!

Check out all the different looks we can create during one single session!

Urban Senior Guy Photos

One piece of my job is to find the perfect locations for your senior photos. There are so many urban options near the downtown Oklahoma City area. The city and industrial look of these locations bring your senior pictures to life and will make them unique to you. You just need to smile at the camera, every once in a while at least!

Timeless Senior Guy Portraits

Whether it was your ideas to take senior photos or you are just doing it to please your mom I will work with you to create a senior experience that isn’t painful, but enjoyable and memorable. I have several years of experience taking graduation photos and my focus is on you! Taking images that freeze time by showing who you are right now as you approach the huge milestone of graduation! I am so excited to work with you!

What if the senior guy has a twin sister? Bring her along too! We had so much fun giving these twins the best individual sessions and some photos of them together as well.

Outdoor Senior Guy Portraits

There are a ton of great outdoor locations around the OKC area to take outdoor senior photos for guys! I love this rooftop option for sunset!


I have you covered too!

Did you know that I offer an AWESOME CLIENT EXPERIENCE for my guy clients too?!? Heck yes I do! Here’s the experience I can provide your son for his senior pictures!

Pre-Session Prep: I am thrilled to help you choose the best outfits and locations for your guy’s senior session! We can setup a phone call and work through all the details!

Session Day Fun: My goal for my guy clients is to have a blast! I know most boys think picture sessions are boring so I pride myself on lots of action shots & laughing in between sets! As a #boymom, I know the struggle in getting your senior boy in front of the camera!

Have a hobby or sport that your son loves and would like to incorporate into his senior photos? Bring all the things and we will show off what he is passionate about! Steven loves martial arts and has been in them for years so we had to incorporate that into his senior photos.

A few quick tips on what to wear for senior guys. Aim for 3 different outfit looks: casual, formal, and personality. Solid colors are a great option. Come with your clothes ironed! No tank tops, no big graphics and logos, and stay away from bright neon colors. For more detailed outfit ideas for senior pictures for guys, check out this previous post!


Colby did a great job incorporating several different looks into his senior portraits. A formal look with a suit, a casual look with jeans and a long sleeved shirt, and a personality look with sweats and a hoodie. He was also able to incorporate his 2 favorite sports, golf and basketball, as well as his Mustang.

Studio Options for Senior Guys Photos

Antonyo choose to go for a full studio session for his senior photo session. I love that he chose something that was unique to him. He knew from the start of session prep that he only wanted indoor senior pictures and that’s exactly what we did!

So let’s get your son’s senior photo session booked! Email me at brandi@brandipricephotography.com or fill out the Contact Form and we’ll get your date reserved!

Senior photographer Brandi Price Photography is now booking beautiful Senior Portrait Sessions for the Class of 2024 (spring sessions) and Class of 2025 (summer sessions) in and around the Oklahoma City area.

I would absolutely LOVE to photograph YOU for your senior portraits!

  1. Brandi, these are incredible senior guy photos! I agree, some photographers don’t have a lot of variety, but you’ve clearly shown how many amazing outfits, hobbies, and expressions you can capture from one session! Beautiful work!

  2. Andrea says:

    These Senior picture ideas for guys really open up so many possibilities. The variety of clothing and poses on top of the candid relaxation and activities make for such fun sessions for your seniors!

  3. Great tips for Senior Guys! Sometimes the fellas aren’t that interested in photos so it makes it a challenge to find something they are interested in. These photos show that they are comfortable and show their style.

  4. Susan says:

    Beautiful options for Senior Guy photos here!

  5. I have come back to this post for guy poses so many times! It’s an incredible resource!

  6. Jodi Major says:

    Love this display of senior picture ideas for guys. Your Oklahoma studio pictures are awesome as well!

  7. Ashleigh says:

    What fantastic senior guy photos, Brandi! These are priceless and truly show off each of their personalities! They all look like they’re having fun and relaxed – not stiff and posed and awkward like most teen guys! Amazing work!

  8. jeanine says:

    I can see why you are the go-to oklahoma senior photographer for guys and girls. You clearly love what you do and do it so well! Your clients are comfortable and able to show off their true selves. Love these guy senior portraits!

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