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Senior Picture Ideas for Guys | OKC Senior Photographer

May 18, 2023

If you are a mom to a graduating high school senior guy in Edmond or the greater OKC area, I bet you need some help coordinating outfits for your son’s senior pictures. As an Oklahoma senior photographer for several years now, I have come up with some tips and tricks to helping your son look his best for his senior photos! Let’s dive in!

Tips For What to Wear For Senior Pictures for Guys

1. FORMAL: A sharp, well-fitted suit is always a classy way to dress up your senior session. Want to elevate this option? Select a suit outside of the expected colors of black, gray, or navy. Suits in burgundy, emerald green, or light blue can create a modern look when styled well.

2. CASUAL: No, this doesn’t mean gym shorts or sweatpants. This is the area for jeans, shorts, and fashionable tees. Keep it modern and fresh by adding some color and layer coordinating tones.

3. SOPHISTICATED: This is where dressy meets casual – think of this as an outfit you would wear on a date. Pro tip: layers are the trick with sophisticated outfits – sport coats over button-ups, or a button-up under a sweater, for example.

General Tips and Tricks for Outfits for Guys Senior Pictures

I know that most of our guys aren’t super interested in fashion, but you, their Mommas, want them to look their best for their senior photo session! That’s why I’ve compiled a short list of tips, tricks, and advice for putting together your guy senior portrait outfits.

– your leathers should always match (brown shoes = brown belt)

– when considering a tie, pocket square, or socks, go for a contrast in colors to your main outfit colors (don’t make it too matchy matchy in colors – go for a difference in shades)

– switch out your sneakers for desert, Chukkas or Chelsea boots for an instantly more elevated look

– a casual outfit can be paired with lighter shades and fabrics in your belt (linen, suede, etc)

– switch out your apple watch for a metal or leather watch for pictures as apple watches will date your pictures while metal or leather watches are always timeless

-mix it up: bring a variety of colors, styles, and accessories for your session

-tailored is better: bring outfits that fit your body type to ensure you don’t look sloppy or heavier than you actually are.

Needing more help putting together your son’s senior session wardrobe?

Here’s 3 quick tips for putting your son’s outfits together for his senior pictures:

1. Don’t shy away from color. If all of your outfits are khaki and white, it’s time to switch it up. Throw in some olive green, or sky blue (depending on your color tones) for a more eye catching outfit that will add a ton of interest to your session.

2. Layers are ALWAYS in style. If you are bringing an outfit that you can throw a jacket or sweater over, that will be a winning combination. Layers add an attractive dynamic to your outfits that can make them so much more interesting.

3. Stay away from graphics, logos, and busy prints. I know that your fave t-shirt may have a funny graphic or words on it, but your senior portrait session is NOT the time to wear it. Solid colors and graphic-less pieces can make you look more refined and classic.

Here’s an additional 3 tips on how to incorporate your college choice in to you senior pictures:

This is one of the most exciting times of your life and it’s time to document a new chapter! Why not include that next chapter with a few pics from your senior session?

#1. ACCEPTANCE BANNER: when you get your big acceptance letter in the mail, keep the banner they send you! Bring it to your session and pull it out for a few pics! Another great idea is to include one of these college pics on your grad announcement so you can tell everyone where you’re going in the fall!

#2. T-SHIRT / HOODIE: college gear is so exciting once you get your acceptance, and a great way to tell everyone where you’ll be spending your next four years is by wearing your new school in a few of your pictures!

#3. COLLEGE FLAG: this is a favorite of ours! Bring your collegiate flag and we’ll fly it with pride during your senior session!

I get it… senior guys usually hate having their pictures taken, but that doesn’t mean they have to look like a hot mess in their senior pics. Taking the time to curate well put together outfits can launch senior guy pics into the next level and have them looking sophisticated in no time.

Be sure to follow these quick tips to look effortlessly put together in your senior pics.

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  1. Love your ideas list for senior wardrobe choices. My all time favorite is to avoid graphics, logos and busy prints. Sometimes these are the absolute go to pieces in someone’s closet, so the reminder can not be overstated. It’s nice to have a thorough list for direction when seniors choose clothing for their big session day. And as usual, great photos Brandi!

  2. Brandi, this is the most helpful list of tips to dress senior guys that I’ve ever seen!!! I usually skin blog posts, but this one I literally read every word. My own son is no longer a senior, but these tips just work great for all men that need a little bit of help with styling. The tips about matching leathers and how to add color to a bland wardrobe our spot on!

  3. Jody Autumn says:

    These are great tips for moms of high school senior boys! I wouldn’t even think about the Apple Watch, great tip. Also love the forethought of tailoring, it makes such a difference. These photos are stunning and you use the variety in the OKC metro area to its fullest potential!

  4. I saved this post because it has so many great suggestions for guys senior portraits! Choosing what to wear can be stressful and I love that you take the time to help guys choose their outfits!

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