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6 Things That Could Make or Break Your OKC Senior Picture Session

June 22, 2023

If you are a graduating high school senior in the OKC area, I bet you are a little nervous and have many questions about your senior portrait session. Let’s take a look at 6 mistakes that could ruin your senior pictures and how to avoid/correct them so that you can have a stress-free session!

Tips for a Stress Free Senior Session In OKC

  1. Not Reading the Session Prep Materials:

Once you have booked your senior photos with Brandi Price Photography I will mail you a Welcome Packet in the mail. It will include tips for nail prep, skin prep, best places to shop for your session wardrobe, tips for a picture perfect face, and a session day checklist. I will also email you a link to the What to Wear guide. It is 90+ pages of fashion advice to have you dressed your best on session day. I know all the tips and tricks to having the best senior session possible, so make sure to read over all the resources I give you to help you be ready for your big session day!⁠

2. Chapped lips:

Chapped lips are a big deal for your senior pictures. Let me tell you, chapped lips not only show through all kinds of lipstick & gloss, but they’re also incredibly difficult to Photoshop in your senior portraits. Your best bet is to follow the tips below and arrive with smooth and healthy lips for a portrait perfect smile!⁠

Want a secret session prep tip that will have your lips looking luxurious the day of your session (no matter what they looked like last week)? Well look no further! For one full week BEFORE your senior session, brush your lips with a toothbrush every night before going to bed and slather on your fave lip fix.⁠

What balms are the best? Here are a few that we love!
⁠+ Burt’s Bees: Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment ⁠
+ Blistex Intensive Moisturizer⁠
+ Aquaphor Lip Protectant⁠
+ Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask⁠
+ Vaseline Lip Therapy⁠

This simple routine will have you ready to show off that smile for your senior pictures in no time!

3. Faux Tans/Spray Tans

I talked with OKC Spray Tan Artist @glowgetterairbrushtans to get you the top tips to making sure your spray tan look perfect and natural for your senior session!

+ Keep your skin moisturized leading up to your appointment.

+ Get your spray tan done 2 days before your session.

+ Moisturize twice a day after the spray tan application to keep your skin hydrated.

+ Arrive to your spray tan appointment with exfoliated skin with no products on.

Want to read even more about making sure your spray tan looks natural for your senior pictures?
“Top Tips to Keep Your Spray Tan Looking Natural for Your Senior Photos”

4. Not booking early:

Senior pictures are NOT the time to wait until the last minute. You will need plenty of time to make other appointments with your hair stylist, nail artist, aesthetician, etc to make sure you feel your best the day of your session. You also need to consider how busy senior year events will get on your calendar and decide when is the best time for you to get your session done.

5. Not hiring a professional senior photographer:

Yikes. Yes… hiring a professional photographer is important. Why? You are smack in the middle of what we like to call a “life event” stage. What is a life event? Something you cannot do over again.

Newborn pictures, wedding pictures, and senior pictures are literally the only kind of portraiture that cannot be reproduced at a later date. You’re only a senior about to embark on the rest of your life ONE TIME EVER. This is it.

Hiring a professional is so important to make sure that this time of your life is properly documented. Trusting just anyone with such an important task is a real gamble on the only thing you’ll have to remember this moment in your life by.

Pro photographers know how to pose you, where the best light is, how to capture your personality, and so much more. Not to mention that we’re able to take high quality images that will stand the test of time vs some low quality, fuzzy pics that won’t make it the next 5 years. Investing in professional senior portraits is worth every penny!

6. Not having enough variety in your wardrobe choices:

VARIETY is everything! Make sure that your outfits aren’t all dresses, jeans, or shorts. Try to incorporate a variety of not only pieces, but style as well (like urban, organic, casual, and sophisticated).⁠ When you book with Brandi Price Photography you get unlimited outfit changes for your senior session! Bring more than you think you’ll need and we will put together your full session wardrobe while you are getting your hair and makeup professionally done.

Ready to book your senior photo session with Brandi Price Photography? Complete the contact form on the website and I will send you the BPP senior magazine and we will get the booking process started.

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  1. Brandi, every mom and senior should read this TWICE!!! Such great tips to be sure your senior session turns out exactly the way we want!!

  2. Carla Lehman says:

    These are the tips every senior needs to see, this advice leads to a session that everyone loves. Beautiful images!

  3. This is very helpful information for successful senior sessions! I’m glad you post not only what could go wrong but how to avoid what will ruin your senior session. My favorite tip is the brushing lips trick! I am anxious to try that myself! Thanks Brandi!

  4. Jody Autumn says:

    These tips are amazing! Love that you provided seniors with the most common problems but also solutions!! OKC seniors are so blessed to have you in the area to create these stunning portraits and provide and exceptional experience.

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