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June 5, 2022

What is the best season for you to get your senior pictures done?

SUMMER is great for seniors with fall yearbook deadlines & busy extra-curricular fall schedules like sports, practices, and meetings. Your schedule is usually more flexible in the summer. You might think it’s too early to get your senior pictures done, but once school gets started it doesn’t slow down! So many senior events on top of everything else you typically do during a school year!

It’s also the perfect season if you love crop tops, shorts, and a more tropical look to your pictures. Lots of sunlight and creamy golden hour light are also advantages to summer senior sessions. Don’t forget about that nice golden tan that you naturally have in the summer! We will wait until later in the evening to start your senior pictures so that we get a cooler part of the day.

FALL is the perfect season for seniors who want warmer tones in their images & want to get their photos done before the 2nd semester senior craziness begins. It’s also a good option for seniors with early release as these sessions usually happen earlier in the day due to daylight savings.

Fall leaves, fall flowers (did you know that was a thing?!?), sweaters, and perfect temperatures are great reasons for fall senior pictures! The best time (typically, although it can never be guaranteed) to get the vibrant fall leaves is during the first 2 weeks of November.

WINTER is a great option for seniors who want cool weather and lots of layers in their senior pics. It’s also great for more holiday & winter themed shoots as well as snow shoots. Not a lot of seniors take their senior pictures in the winter, so that will give you the opportunity to have a more unique session than everyone else.

There is also the option of studio photos in the winter months. There are so many great photography studios all around OKC right now, that you could choose the style that best matches you!

SPRING is the best option for seniors who want to wait until just before their graduation to take pictures.

If you love bright greens, tulips, and white dresses, spring is the season for you!

It’s also great for seniors who can’t miss school for their session as these shoots tend to start later in the day due to longer daylight hours.

Class of 2023, now that you have been able to find out which season is best for you, let’s get your session booked! Email us at brandi@brandipricephotography.com to book the perfect senior session season for you and we’ll get your booking process started!

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Brandi Price Photography serves seniors in Edmond, Norman, Deer Creek, and all surrounding OKC metro areas. Sessions are currently being booked for Class of 2023 summer and fall sessions.

  1. I love the breakdown of every season and showing how it can affect your photos! This is great information when choosing the best time of year for senior pictures!

  2. Jodi Major says:

    Great tips for what season is best for getting your senior pictures taken. There’s beauty in all seasons, at least here in PA! Looks like there is in Oklahoma as wel

  3. Andrea says:

    It is true that senior photos can be taken during the whole year, but your points highlighting the best time to take your senior photos is well taken. The best time for YOU is when you have time in your schedule to fit it in easily. Great read. Excellent senior photography.

  4. Susan says:

    Great tips for planning the perfect Senior Portrait Session!

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