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When Should You Book Your Senior Photo Session? | OKC Senior Photographer

May 9, 2022


“Woah Brandi… isn’t it a little early to book my senior pics?” HECK NO! And let me tell you why (hint…there’s perks to booking early)!

We usually book out about 3-6 months in advance. Yes… THAT EARLY! WHY?!? Because we like to prepare for your senior session in advance so that it isn’t a hurried thrown together mess the day of your session. So that means if you want a session this fall (with the beautiful weather and warm seasonal tones), this spring (aka, right now) is the time to book! Want a spring session in 2023? Your time to book your session is this fall!

Do you prefer the warm tones of fall senior photos? Now is the time to get your senior pictures scheduled to make sure you secure a fall session date! Fall always fills quickly!

Here’s a few reasons why booking your senior pictures early is the best choice:

#1. You actually get a BETTER CHOICE OF DATES when you book early! The earlier you book, the more dates there are available for you to choose from. Wanting a summer date to wear all your cute summer dresses, great there is still some available! Want the beautiful fall leaves or the blooming spring flowers, those dates are still available right now. If you wait until that season, there is a very good possibility that the dates will all be filled!

#2. Booking early means you get MORE PREP TIME for senior session perfection! You will have plenty of time to get your nails done, hair cut and colored (just remember to do this up to 2 weeks before your session and don’t make any drastic changes!), and get those eye brows waxed or plucked. If you booked your session the day before, you would not have time to get any of those taken care of.

#3. Booking your date early in your senior year means that if any RESCHEDULES need to happen due to rain, wind, ice, snow, or any of the other crazy weather patterns that we have here in Oklahoma there will still be plenty of dates to choose from for your senior session.

#4. More time to shop for the perfect senior session wardrobe! It’s one of the most stressful parts of planning your senior pictures. What to wear on session day. You will have plenty of time to decide what looks you are wanting to wear and you won’t be rushed into finding every single piece, TODAY! I don’t know about you, but when I need to find something to wear in a short amount of time, I am never able to find anything! It’s always best to assume it will take a couple shopping trips to pick up all the clothing pieces, shoes, accessories, etc.

These are just a few reasons why booking your senior photos with Brandi Price Photography EARLY is so very important! So why not connect with us TODAY to get started on your custom senior portrait session with BPP!?! E-mail me at brandi@brandipricephotography.com to reserve your date!

Brandi Price Photography photographs seniors from Edmond, Norman, Choctaw all OKC metro areas!

I am currently booking for Class of 2023! June is already completely booked! Don’t miss out on your perfect date because you waited too long to book!

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  1. Jodi Major says:

    Great ideas on when is best to book your senior photo session. It’s tough to know since we do them so early! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jody says:

    These reminders are great! Never even thought about reschedules. Such good advice and incentives to schedule those senior pictures early! After all, Oklahoma City weather can be crazy so getting to reschedule that senior session without having to stress about cramming would ease anxiety for sure.

  3. It’s definitely better to book senior pictures early! Life gets busy, don’t wait until 2 months before graduation when it’s even more crazy with 100 things to do, and then you book, and then you have rain…oh the stress!!! Just book early and make it easy!

  4. YES!! These are all great tips for senior sessions! Booking early is key to getting the session that you want and deserve!

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