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Top 3 Reasons For Fall Senior Pictures | Norman Senior Photographer

August 31, 2021

Summer, spring and winter pictures are all beautiful in their own unique ways, but let’s take a look at the top reasons to have your senior photos taken in the fall!

  1. WEATHER: For high school seniors who do not like really hot temperatures or really cold temperatures, fall is the perfect season to get you senior photos taken. Late September-late November usually has cooler temperatures, but we aren’t quite to the cold of winter yet. As we all know though, living in Oklahoma, the weather can change in an instant! In the fall you can have a great variety in your outfits. It’s still warm enough for fun dresses, but cool enough to wear cute sweaters and jeans too.
  2. FALL COLORS: The warm earthly tones of fall make a stunning background for your senior pictures. Leaves in orange, red, yellow, and even some browns make beautiful senior photos. I can never guarantee the dates for fall leaves, as it can change slightly from year to year and one windy day can blow all the leaves off the branches. My best suggestion though, would be to book your senior session the last week of October through the first 2 weeks of November if having colorful trees is a goal for you. Even if you don’t schedule during that time frame, fall is still such a pretty time of year. Neutral, earthy grass, soft golden light (more on that in the next point!), wildflowers are all awesome touches to fall senior portraits.
  3. GOLDEN HOUR LIGHT: Golden hour happens every day of the year, but there is just something extra pretty about it during the fall. It matches perfectly with the golden tones of fall and it makes photos so soft and beautiful! There is just a different kind of beauty during golden hour in the fall.

This ivy covered wall in downtown Oklahoma City is one of my absolute favorite spots to photograph senior pictures during the fall! The colors are stunning! Also, these images were only taken a week apart and notice the completely different clothing choices. A cute dress or jeans and sweater are both great choices for this weather and this location.

Look at all the different tree color possibilities in the fall! Bright red/almost pink, yellow, orange, even a little green still in there!

Another example of the variety of outfits you can wear! Paige mixed it up with sweaters, a long sleeve dress, an off the should dress, funky printed pants, and jeans!

The golden hour glow during the fall is just gorgeous!

Even if you choose later in the fall after all the leaves have fallen, look how gorgeous it can still be! You still have the rich tones, the grass is usually taller (which I love!), and the sunset is still perfection!

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  1. Fall is absolutely my FAVORITE season and fall Senior Photos are THE BEST!! I love the colors, the layers, the weather, all the things you listed above!! All favorite things!! ❤️

  2. Jodi Major says:

    Great reasons for fall senior pictures. It’s a beautiful season and wonderful time to grab those amazing senior pictures

  3. Fall is definitely the best time for senior pictures!! I love that you can easily use layers and you’ve given some really great poses and ideas for senior portraits!

  4. Andrea says:

    Fall makes stunning senior photos. You have used all of the colors and textures and trending styles and best posing to mame your seniors shine!

  5. Kelleen Hite says:

    Fall is my favorite season, and you showcased why in this post! You are so right, the sun in the fall is magical, and I bet even more so in Oklahoma for these senior photos!

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