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December 7, 2021

We’ve all been there. We drop our phone in the water, or our computer gives us the screen of death and just like that: everything is GONE. It’s the worst feeling in the world and it happens every day. 

Let’s talk about THREE WAYS to “digital disaster” proof your session images! 

1. PRINTS & PRODUCTS: printing your images out as 5×7 gift prints or getting them printed in an album is a great way for your images to live beyond the computer. This way, if anything happens to your digital images, you have tangibles to hold on to. This is why every single client of mine gets printed products from their session.

2. SECONDARY DRIVE: save your digitals on another drive and put that drive in a safe. This is good for every image that is important to you. 

3. BACK THEM UP: save your images on the cloud. Or Dropbox. Or any other online system! You will be so glad you did in case your computer crashes! 

 And BONUS: if you do all three, you can sleep easy! You’ve done everything you can to ensure you still have your images in the case of any issues that could arise! 

Now, let’s look at several print and product options for your senior portraits that you can order during your Image Reveal and Ordering Session.

Custom Designed Image Boxes

These are always a client favorite! You get to choose your favorite 2-3 images from your gallery to put on the outside of the box and then we custom design your box together. You choose the colors, wording, design and images so that it is exactly how YOU want it! Then, guess what comes inside?? EVERY. SINGLE. IMAGE. from your senior portrait session is inside the box as a 5×7 print. You don’t have to choose just your favorite 10 or 20 images, you get all of them! You can keep them all for yourself or gift them to grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc..


Senior moms absolutely love the lay-flat heirloom albums. They are printed on ultra thick archival paper without a gutter in the middle. This is the perfect way to get all your favorite images in one place. Choose your favorite image for the front and these 8×12 albums are the perfect piece to display on your coffee table to show off to everyone that comes through your door. Past senior moms have told me how special it is to sit and look through their album when their daughter is off at college and mom is missing her a little extra.

Wall Art and Canvas Collages

Canvases are my clients favorite way to show off their favorite images from the session in a big way! We like to plan ahead and create a wall gallery that can include younger siblings when it’s their turn for senior photos.

Now, tell me in the comments which is YOUR favorite way to print your senior pictures?

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Brandi Price Photography specializes in professional senior portraits and is conveniently located in OKC. My seniors come to me from Choctaw, Edmond, Moore, Norman, Yukon, Enid, and surrounding areas.

Brandi Price Photography is now booking Senior Portrait Sessions for the Class of 2022 for Januarry-May.

Email me at brandi@brandipricephotography.com or call me at 405-255-4757 to discuss and book your custom senior session today!

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  1. Michelle says:

    These are all gorgeous ways to display senior pictures, but my absolute favorite are the image boxes! I have some myself, and I love that I can display them in different places in my home!

  2. Andrea says:

    Your image boxes and albums are gorgeous Brandi! The products that you offer showcase favorite photos is such a practical way, so they can be enjoyed with a glipmse as you walk by! Love your work!

  3. Candace says:

    I love that you solve the problem of digital crash! My personal faves are albums and wall art and you have some beautiful wall art collections! They would be beautiful in any home!

  4. Jodi Major says:

    These senior photo products are just beautiful. So great that your clients can see what they are able to invest in before hiring you to capture amazing senior images!

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