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Why Should I Hire A Professional Photographer For My Senior Pictures? | OKC Senior Photography

July 16, 2021


Friends, trust me here… a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER is imperative for such an occasion as your high school graduation portraits. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the top 4 reasons to use a pro for your senior portrait session.

1. LIGHTING: professional photographers know how to make you look your best in different lighting situations. We know how to avoid shadows that give you dark circles under your eyes and how to use light to make you look dewy and fresh. With a professional photographer, lighting isn’t left to chance! We use our knowledge of natural light and the correct equipment (dslr camera, off camera flashes, reflectors, natural reflectors in the surroundings, etc.) to achieve the best possible results for you.

senior girl posing for professional senior portraits

2. POSING: pros just know how to pose you better. It’s literally our job to know what angles look best on you specifically and how to pose you so that you look incredible. We also know how to serve tons of different poses in a single session to maintain variety & interest. I am not just talking about the more traditional senior poses. Professional senior photographers also know how to get those awesome candid shots of you that really show off who YOU are!

candid photo of a senior girl during her photo shoot

3. CAMERA KNOWLEDGE: have you ever had a photo taken of you and it looked like your facial features were bigger than they actually are? That’s a result of something called distortion and it happens in the lens choice and distance from the photographer to you. Professionals know this kind of information and how to avoid making your features look different than they really are. They also have the knowledge to set the camera settings to make the background blurry or sharp, how to properly expose the image, how to make sure your hands aren’t blurry when you are moving and so much more!

senior girl in a dress and flowers posing for her senior pictures

4. High Quality Products: What will you do with your senior photos after the session? Professional photographers will have high quality images that will print perfectly at any size. Keep in mind, it is always best to purchase any products through your photographer to make sure you are getting the highest of qualities. Wal-Mart and Walgreens just don’t cut it for such a special occasion.

high school senior posing for photos

So save the cellphone selfies and mom cameras for fun photos and football games because those are special memories too!! But leave your Senior Portraits in the hands of a professional.

Now that you know you NEED a pro to capture your senior pics, want to find out how to find the right one for YOU!? Read “What to Look for When Choosing your Senior Photographer!“. If you think we are a great fit, fill out my contact form and let’s connect!

Are you ready to book your professional senior portrait session? Brandi Price Photography has already started photographing seniors for the class of 2022 and is currently booking summer and fall senior pictures!

I would absolutely LOVE to photograph YOU for your senior portraits!

  1. Jodi Major says:

    Such great tips on why you should hire a professional photographer for your senior pictures. I’ve seen so many “senior pictures” on IG lately with “dead eyes” because they had a friend take them. Lighting is SO IMPORTANT!!

    • Brandi Price says:

      YES! It’s such a big milestone that it is definitely worth the investment to hire a professional!

  2. Susan says:

    It is absolutely so important to hire a true professional photographer for images as important as Senior Portraits! You make so many great points in this article–an amatuer simply just cannot create the caliber of Senior Portraits that you do Brandi.

  3. I’m dying over her red dress!!! Hands down, graduation is one of the most important times to hire a professional photographer! I love that you offer valid reasons on why families should hire a pro, but then also another post about finding the best photographer for them! This information is so helpful!

  4. Keith Haynes says:

    Sound advice as to the importance of hiring a professional photographer. I can see how the it would be easy for someone to get in over their head with something as important as this.

  5. Shunta says:

    Oh how I agree to what you talk about here when it comes to making sure you have a pro to do your senior session. Don’t DIY and then regret not getting those professional photos taken! Senior pictures are a milestone!

  6. Kelleen Hite says:

    LOVE THIS! Especially #3! as someone who has tried selfies, I have learned the iphone is a FLOP at photos! These tips are crucial for seniors in OK, this is a once in a lifetime year! Don’t waste this chance for the senior experience, or senior photos!

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