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What to Expect in Your Senior Picture Gallery | Oklahoma Senior Photographer

November 2, 2021

Let me tell you what you can expect when you purchase your full image gallery from Brandi Price Photography! About 2 weeks after your senior portrait session you will come back to the studio for an Image Reveal and Ordering session. At that appointment you get to see your images for the first time and choose what collection you would like to purchase. Every single collection includes printed products because I believe it is so important to have tangible products from your senior session. You also will have the choice to purchase your full digital gallery. It will be emailed to you that very same day! You will be able to download all the images, share them on social media, and make extra prints if you ever need to.

BUT, what will your images look like??? Here are 3 things you can always count on when viewing your full senior photo gallery:

1. CONSISTENCY: ALL of your images will be bold and bright as that’s my signature style! My true to you and true color editing standards will be present in every single image and you won’t find any images that are under exposed, off in color, or separate from the rest. It is extremely important to me that you look like you and that will be consistent throughout all of your senior pictures.

2. VARIETY: In addition to the variety that you achieve with your different outfits and the multiple locations we will use, your gallery will be full of different poses, angles, and compositions that will keep you wanting more! You’ll never find a cropped image next to the full original because I don’t fill your gallery with duplicates! Each image is different from the rest! 

3. PROFESSIONALISM: Every image in your gallery will be perfectly sharp so that you can print them off for large format products if you like! You’ll never find a blurry or out of focus image that you can’t print because every one of them will look beautiful in our largest canvas sizes! Your photos will also look beautiful on your grad cards, stunning in your lay-flat album, and will pop on your custom designed image box. I know it is also important to my clients that they look great when posted on social media, so post away with confidence!

If you’re ready to have a stunning image gallery, let’s get you booked for one of our Spring 2022 sessions today! Email me at brandi@brandipricephotography.com and we’ll get your booking process started! 

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Senior photographer Brandi Price Photography is now booking beautiful Senior Portrait Sessions for the Class of Class of 2022 (winter and spring sessions) in and around the Oklahoma City area.

Email me at brandi@brandipricephotography.com or call me at 405-255-4757 to discuss and book your amazing senior session today!

I would absolutely LOVE to photograph YOU for your senior portraits!

  1. Jodi Major says:

    It is hard to know what to expect in your senior picture gallery. This is a perfect way to know what your Oklahoma Seniors are going to get when they choose you for their pictures

  2. Michelle says:

    Brandi, I really love how consistent your style is and your edits are beautiful! It really helps high school seniors and parents to know what to expect when they hire you as their senior photographer!

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