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Before and After Edits of Senior Photos | OKC Senior Photographer

September 27, 2021

As a photographer, I always love to see how other photographers edit their photos. I could sit and scroll through before and afters allll day!

How about a few BEFORE & AFTERS from some of my most recent Brandi Price Photography Seniors?

I know you don’t want to look like someone else in your pictures… just the best YOU possible. That’s why I pride myself on an organic, natural editing process that maintains skin texture, skin tone, colors present in the image, etc. Your teeth won’t be a blinding shade of white, your eyes will remain their real color, and it won’t look like I edited your pics with an Instagram filter. Nope… no fake tones or processes here! Every image is completely hand edited by me to look true to life.

First up, let’s look at this gorgeous image of Ella. Just needed a little bump in contrast, a little crop adjustment, and then some fine details cleaned up. Teeth whitened just a touch (they won’t be glowing!), skin smoothed just a tiny bit (it won’t look like plastic!), and eyes popped just a tad (will still be your natural color!). My goal is to always get it as close to perfect in camera so that the editing is minimal. That helps to keep you looking like YOU!



Next let’s look at this senior picture of Sydney. It needed a little more adjustments to the whole image than the first one. It came out a little on the cool (blue) side so I first warmed it up. Then I pulled down the shadows just a little to make her pop in the image. Her skin is pretty perfect just the way it is, so there was a very small amount of smoothing to be done. Then I made her eyes shine a little more and then she was done!

These reflection pictures are always some of my absolute faves!



This beautiful senior portrait of Ava was a little overexposed straight out of camera. I pulled the exposure down a bit, bumped up the vibrance to really make the pink pop, and cropped in just enough to get rid of the corner of the building. A couple blemishes were removed and skin smoothed out just a bit for the final look.



As you can see, I strive to keep you looking like you at your absolute best! One thing that helps the editing process so much is the professional hair and makeup that is included in every session. My artists know exactly how to get you camera ready and looking completely natural.

When you book your session with BPP you can rest easy – your images will be bold, colorful and consistent. Ready to get that session booked? Fill out the contact form here on my website or email me at brandi@brandipricephotography.com.

Senior photographer Brandi Price Photography is now booking beautiful Senior Portrait Sessions for the Class of 2022 (fall and winter) in and around the Oklahoma City area

I would absolutely LOVE to photograph YOU for your senior portraits!

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  1. Brandi, sharing these before and after pictures I’m sure really helps your seniors know what to expect. You leave them looking so natural, while just making minor adjustments to keep them looking fabulous!!

  2. Andrea says:

    It is helpful to see both the after as well as the before shots of professional photography. How nice for seniors to know that editing can not only retouch blemishes but will always be bold, colorful and consistent, complimenting them naturally to make them look like their absolute best ever.

  3. Deborah A. says:

    Love these before and after portraits! Your edits are beautiful and highlight these seniors as they all are….beautiful! I am a big fan of realistic edits! Beautiful work!

  4. Susan says:

    I love this behind the scenes look at what goes into producing a great Senior portrait! The post processing of images is so important, but often overlooked.

  5. Jody says:

    These are amazing! Love they they look like themselves!

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