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Prom Photo Checklist

April 9, 2024

Looking for IDEAS FOR YOUR PROM PICTURES this year?

I have created a checklist to help you capture all the important details from one of your last events as a high school senior! You can use this PROM PHOTO CHECKLIST whether you hire a professional photographer for the evening or if it’s just you and your friends and parents taking all the pictures!

Prom night is an event most seniors have been dreaming about for a long time! The worst thing that can happen is getting so wrapped up in the festivities that you forget to take photos! Use this quick prom photo checklist to make sure you capture all the important aspects of your prom night!

OKC Prom Photos

1. You in your dress: remember to get all the angles! Whip that dress around, peek over your shoulder, smile at the camera, all the things!

2. You & your date: we want to see the matching colors and the chemistry, friends! Hold hands, look at each other, take some silly pictures together – you’re never having another prom after this! The time to indulge in photos is now!

3. Your prom squad: grab photos with just the girls and then add in the dates for a few more! Hug up with everyone & show off your friendships!

4. Details: don’t forget to take pictures of your shoes, dress details, makeup, hair, nails, and everything else! This is the most overlooked aspect of prom photos, but some of the most important!

5. With your family: grab Mom & Dad and take some sweet photos with them too! They’ll want to look back on this moment forever!

6. Prom festivities: take all the pictures at your actual prom! Snap a few of you dancing the night away with your friends so you’ll remember what the night was all about!

7. Post prom fun: wherever the evening might take you, document all the fun memories along the way! Take lots of fun pictures to capture the spirit of the night!

So there you have it! With this checklist you’ll be sure to have tons of pictures that will allow you to look back at your amazing prom night without missing anything! If you wanna take it that extra step, do!

And, if you want some really epic photos in your prom dress, bring it along to your full senior session!

Brandi Price is a senior photographer in Oklahoma City. Her clients come to her from Edmond, OKC, Choctaw, Norman, and other metro communities.

Are you ready to book the best senior pictures in Oklahoma? I would love to help you plan the perfect senior photo session just for you! Fill out the contact form on my site or email me at brandi@brandipricephotography.com to start the booking process.

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  1. Jody A. says:

    Such great information and reminders! As a parent, I appreciate the reminder to jump in the photos. Seniors will look back at these for years and cherish them! Stunning locations in OKC for senior pictures and these prom photos!

  2. Susan says:

    I love this Prom Photo Shoot Checklist–I wish I had had this for when my daughters were doing their Prom Pictures. The time goes by so fast, and without this checklist, you are sure to miss something.

  3. Kelleen says:

    I love this! I wish I had this last year when my oldest was a senior and doing prom photos! I am bookmarking this for the future! Such great information for parents of seniors, and for the seniors going to prom!

  4. These prom photos are beautiful, Brandi! This checklist is perfect to make sure you don’t miss any important photos on prom night. Things can get crazy busy, and this is a highlight of senior year that you’ll want to remember forever! This is a perfect read for all seniors and parents before prom!

  5. Jodi Major says:

    Can you believe that it’s time for prom pictures again already? This prom photo checklist is great. Wonderful ideas for capturing these special memories

  6. Susan says:

    A professional photoshoot for prom is such a wonderful idea! After all, you spend time and money getting the perfect look–why not document it with pro photos?

  7. jeanine says:

    wow! Professional prom night photos are the way to go! These prom photo checklist tips are so important in capturing all that went into this special night.

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