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Twins Fall Senior Session | Oklahoma Senior Photographer

January 21, 2024

Boy/Girl Twin Senior Session | Norman, Oklahoma

Claire and Carson’s Downtown OKC Fall Senior Photo Session

Claire and Carson’s dad contacted me about taking their fall senior photos in late October. We set a date in November and just like Oklahoma weather does, it rained for the first time in weeks! We rescheduled for a couple weeks later, which ended up being in early December. I was really worried that everything would be dead by then and we would have really cold weather.

It was a great surprise when the day came and we had beautiful temperatures and THERE WERE STILL GORGEOUS LEAVES ON THE TREES!!! I absolutely cannot believe how lucky we got! There were still vibrant colors all around us.

Posing Ideas for Boy and Girl Senior Twins

During the twins senior session we did photos around downtown OKC. We took individuals of both of them, but we also created some beautiful images of them together. We also had fun and captured some of them just having fun and laughing with each other. I like to mix in more traditional posed photos and relaxed candid moments. It always makes for a great variety in a final senior gallery.

Having them walk together toward the camera is always a great idea! We usually start and just have them walk naturally toward the camera looking and smiling at me. Then we will go again and have them look at each other while walking toward the camera. This always generates some genuine smiles and laughs.

I just love the downtown OKC area for senior photos. We were able to create all these different looks at one location without having to get in and out of cars and changing locations. It’s fun to see how the images look different when taken at the exact same spot! The reflection in the glass was a favorite for both of them.

Senior Picture Products | Wall Art

Claire and Carson’s parents decided to go with 2 large canvas to hang from their senior session. I love how they chose one with a more natural background and one with a more urban, downtown feel.

Did you know that every single one of my senior clients walks away with a tangible product? Not just the digitals from this Oklahoma Senior Photographer. (Yes, you can still get the digitals!)

During senior sessions there are always 3 must have senior photos that I take for graduation announcements. We can create graduation announcements that are as vibrant as your high school years have been.

3 Must-Have Photos For Graduation Announcements:

1. Headshots: Remember that your grad card will likely be 5×7 inches or smaller, which means that the pictures on your card may be even smaller than that! A nice close up headshot is a great option for graduation cards! Imagine your loved ones opening that card and being greeted by a stunning close-up of your face!

2. College Gear: Tell everyone where you are going in the next chapter of your life with a few pics of you announcing your college! Take some pictures with your college banner, a college pendant, or t-shirt! These pictures serve as a visual announcement, telling everyone about the incredible adventure waiting for you.

College gear photos not only add a pop of color to your senior pictures but also become a part of your story. They capture the anticipation, the dreams, and the pride of stepping into the next chapter of your life. It’s not just about where you’re going; it’s about celebrating the journey that led you there.

These senior twins are heading to the University of Oklahoma in the fall of 2024 and brought along their OU gear! As any true OU fan, Carson had to get a “horns down” in his senior photos.

3. Pictures with something unique to you: Try to customize your senior photos with something that is near and dear to you. Whether it be your best fur friend, sports gear, letter jacket, or something that you like to do in your spare time (books, yoga, etc), you will never go wrong by documenting how you spent this time in your life. (You can also bring your twin like Carson and Claire!)

These personal touches are what make your senior pictures truly special. Take this opportunity to showcase who you are, unapologetically. Senior year is a time of self-discovery, and your pictures should reflect the passions, interests, and memories that define this phase of your life.

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Your journey, your style, your memories – let’s make them unforgettable. Book your session now with Oklahoma Senior Photographer Brandi Price Photography! 🌟📸 #ClassOf2024 #SeniorPics #GraduationMemories

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  1. Carla Lehman says:

    What a great, comprehensive session, showing both Claire and Carson’s individual personalities, but yet mirroring each other, and then the images of them together, unified, a team, not just siblings, but friends. The three must have tips are excellent for any senior wondering how to approach their session.

  2. Susan says:

    Twins have such a special bond–how lovely for them to do a session together!

  3. I love how you make each twin’s photos perfect for their personality, yet still cohesive with perfect colors and styles! Your posing for twins is spot on, and I really hope mom gets those two huge prints you’ve shown! Gorgeous!!!

  4. Jody Autumn says:

    Such a fun session. You did a wonderful job capturing the individual personalities as well as their brother-sister bond. These colors and locations are stunning for OKC senior photos!

  5. Christy Wright says:

    Twin sessions are so fun but can be a lot of work. Nice job on all the variety you have shown here. I love where the sister jumped on her brother’s back.

  6. Kelleen Hite says:

    Such amazing fall colors, and the perfect assortment for twins! I bet mom loved them! Such beautiful photos!

  7. Claire and Carson’s parents must be delighted with the variety and beauty of their twins photo session. The canvases that they chose to decorate their home add an amazing warmth to the room. These photos are delightful.

  8. Ashleigh says:

    I love how you were able to pose these two together in ways that look natural, fun and NOT awkward! You are truly a talented senior portrait photographer!

  9. christine Smith says:

    These are amazing and I love the colors! You did an amazing job.

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