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Twins Senior Pictures | Jaci + Josi

April 17, 2023

Twin Sister Senior Picture Ideas

Jaci and Josi contacted me about having their senior pictures taken at the same time and I thought it was a great idea! They each still wanted their own individual senior pictures, but they wanted to end their session with senior pictures together! These 2 are sisters are seniors at Coalgate High School. They traveled almost 2 hours to have me photograph them. That is truly an honor!

They brought lots of fun outfits that coordinated with each other! We started their senior photo session in the Paseo Arts District and then moved to downtown OKC and finished off in the Myriad Gardens at sunset.

If you know me, then you know that I love tons of variety in your final senior session gallery! Let’s take a look at how we created that variety in Jaci and Josi’s session!

First, when you get your senior photos taken by me you get to bring unlimited outfits! That’s a very easy way to add multiple different looks into your session.

Josi had 7 different outfits in her final gallery. One was her softball jersey with a pair of jeans and one she just switched out pants with the same shirt for a little different look. She even had variety within her outfits. She had jeans, pants, dresses, black, blue, white, tan, purple….It’s so important to mix up your outfit looks, in addition to having multiple outfits. Don’t bring all short skirts/shorts because that will limit the poses we can do. You also don’t want all pants, then we can’t get the fun movement poses that dresses and skirts offer. It’s all about changing it up!

Jaci had 6 different outfits in her final senior session gallery. Like her twin, she had so much variety in her ourfits. Different colors, textures, lengths, and types.

You can also add variety with changing up the posing. Same outfit, same location, different pose.

Senior Pictures in the Paseo Arts District

Another way to add variety is to change locations. Sometimes that’s as easy as walking a few steps or even just turning around! Josi has on the same outfit, but we just walked around the corner and created completely different looks! The Paseo Arts District is the perfect spot for that too! You can walk around and go from a neutral/white space to bright pink walls, purple walls, teal stairs and so much more! That is a big reason that it is one of my senior’s favorite locations for senior pictures around the OKC area.

Twin Sisters Senior Pictures in the Myriad Gardens

We finished up the session in the Myriad Gardens during golden hour, the hour right before the sunsets to get a gorgeous golden glow for these stunning twin sisters. They both wore white dresses, but each chose a style that they preferred instead of going for matchy-matchy.

Cap and Gown Picture Ideas for Twin Sisters

I met back up with twin sisters Josi + Jaci in the spring to take some cap and gown pictures before their high school graduation in May. We did some individuals of each girl and then we did some fun ones of them together! Throwing the cap is always a favorite and having them do it at the same time was a blast!

Twin Sisters Senior Track Pictures

We also added a few track photos of the girls as they are just finishing up their senior track season. As you can tell by the amount of medals each girl has, they had a very successful track career running for Coalgate High School.

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  1. I love that you captured images of the twin girls together, but also individual images to show their personalities! Each girl had the opportunity to choose their own outfits too, instead of just matching. Looks like you found some amazing locations for senior pictures too. Love the Paseo Arts District and Myriad Gardens!

  2. I know I’ve seen these images before, but it’s really one of my favorite sessions! You have such great ideas for twin senior pictures! Beautiful work, Brandi!

  3. Jody Autumn says:

    Brandi, you knocked this senior session out of the park! The variety between the cap and gown photos, sports photos, and simply stunning portraits is phenomenal. I always enjoy seeing the different poses, outfits, and backgrounds that you select to reflect their unique personalities and interests.

  4. These two seniors made amazing photos! Sometimes I felt it could be a mirror image sort of photography trick, but they are the real deal! What a fun memory for them to share. All the best twin senior photos to commemorate the moment!

  5. Ashleigh says:

    I love that you took the time to capture each sister individually, and didn’t do the exact same thing for each of them! You really took the time to showcase their individuality and it’s beautiful!

  6. What an honor for Jaci and Josi to drive 2 hours for work with you. You did such a greet job creating unique senior photos and photos showing their identical twin features. It’s really hard to tell them apart! Their photos are really special!

  7. Susan says:

    Gorgeous twins, gorgeous session!

  8. Such great ideas for twin girls senior pictures! I have twins scheduled in a couple of months and this gives me lots of inspiration. Thank Brandi!

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