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6 Secrets to Picture Perfect Hair for Your Senior Pictures | OKC Senior Photographer

April 2, 2023

Want your hair to look its absolute best for your OKC Senior Pictures?

As an Oklahoma Senior Photographer for several years now, I know that hair can completely make or break your senior pictures. I love to help my clients prepare for their senior session, so let’s take a look at the top 6 tips for portrait perfect hair!

1. Get a fresh trim: about a week before your session, get rid of any and all dried and split ends so that your hair looks flawless for your big day. Subtle, long layers photograph beautifully if you’re itching to change it up a bit. Make sure you stay away from any major hair cut though. You do not want to end up with a terrible cut or something that just doesn’t feel like you.

2. Touch up your roots and/or maintain your highlights: if you dye your hair, a week before your session is the perfect time to color your roots so that they’re cohesive with the rest of your hair. If you have highlights, now is the time to have them refreshed. Just like in tip 1, now is not the time for a drastic change in your hair color. Timeless and classic is always the best bet for your senior photos.

3. Hydrate your tresses: if your hair is damaged or dry, consider going to the salon to get a professional hydrating treatment. Sometimes a pro hair mask or treatment can make all the difference and restore your hair to a smooth and healthy shine. If you do not have time for a salon trip, grab a nice hydrating hair mask and use that the day before your session.

4. Blow it out: the day before your session, opt for a professional blow out. This can help your hair stay frizz free with extra volume without applying too much heat, which can really affect your hair for your senior session and not allow it to shape into the curl you want. After the blowout, keep your hair clean and avoid using any products or heating tools. (See tip 5),

5. Avoid hot tools: after your pre-session wash and dry, avoid curling irons and straitening irons if possible. Straightening and curling your hair at home could stop it from curling well the day of your session and could make the curl fall a lot faster. Let our professionals do the work of making your hair portrait perfect!

6. Wash your hair the day of your session! Clean hair styles best! Gaby will use all the products needed to keep your curls from falling. If you come in with dirty hair that already has some products in it and she adds her products, your hair can just end up a big dirty mess.

The best hair for your senior session day all comes down to prep!

Before you even think about prepping your hair, you’ll need to book your senior session date first! Complete the contact form on my website or email me at brandi@brandipricephotography.com and I’ll send you the available dates as well as the senior magazine with details about the sessions, prices, and booking process!

Now booking Class of 2023 spring sessions (only 2 dates left!) and Class of 2024 summer sessions.

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  1. Jody Autumn says:

    Wonderful tips for the best-looking hair for your senior session! I am saving these for the next time I am in front of the camera. As always, stunning senior pictures!

    • Brandi Price says:

      These hair tips can definitely apply to anyone that is about to get professional pictures taken.

  2. To have beautiful photos is wonderful but it takes preparation and time. It’s helpful that you map out for your Oklahoma senior photo clients just which steps will bring the picture perfect photos. And good hair days are a must for photo session! Very helpful tips for seniors needing portraits!

  3. Your clients always look fabulous and confident in their senior pictures! I’m 100% certain it has to do with how you prep them for their session, including wardrobe, hair, and makeup. Your tips for having great hair are spot on!

    • Brandi Price says:

      Thank you Michelle! I love to help my clients prepare for their senior session and keep their stress level to a minimum.

  4. Jodi Major says:

    Thanks for these 6 secrets to picture perfect hair for your senior pictures. Great tips to help seniors have amazing images!

    • Brandi Price says:

      You’re welcome! I think these are tips that would be great for anyone getting their professional photos done!

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