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College Senior Photos at The University of Oklahoma | Norman Senior Photographer

April 22, 2024


1. You are a completely different person! College changes people in the best way possible! You find out who you are, what you stand for, and what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. This is such a wonderful time to document!

2. You may need head shots for your resumes & job opportunities. Our world is only becoming more and more visual as the years pass. More companies are requesting head shots be submitted along with resumes and you should have one that is professional, clean and memorable.

3. You may need college announcements & graduation photos. Most college seniors send out announcements to their friends and family members and having a college senior session would make that easy peasy!

Senior Pictures at the University of Oklahoma

I met up with Nia and her mom on the campus of OU to photograph Nia’s college senior photos. She is graduating in May and then planning to apply to graduate school shortly there after. We met in front of the Bizzell Memorial Library and got some awesome pictures out in front! This is THE SPOT that everyone wants their senior photos taken at on the campus of OU. On one side there was fairly long line of photographers and their clients, mom’s with their soon-to-be graduates, and friends all waiting their turn to take pictures. I had come from the other side and knew there wasn’t anyone over there, so we walked around the building and had it all to ourselves! (I honestly thought this was the front and is where I was waiting to meet them.) It looks the same as the other side and photographs beautifully without needing to fight a crowd.

College Senior Pictures In The Campus Library

Nia really wanted to get some pictures inside the library where she had spent so much time studying the last 4 years. I had never been inside and was very worried about how dark it might be. Walking up the stairs and in the dark hallways had me very concerned. Then we opened the door to the main area and it was stunning! Beautiful large windows let in the perfect amount of natural light! These ended up being my favorite images in her whole gallery! And I love that they will remind her of her time spent studying and working hard toward her degree.

We walked by these beautiful weeping willow trees and knew we had to stop and take a few pictures there as well! Nia has a smile that just lights up the room and I am so glad I was able to capture it in her college senior picutres.

Top Locations for Senior Photos at OU

There are definitely a few spots that everyone wants to take their OU photos at. A few also want to take a few in front of their specific building that most of their major classes were in and sometimes in front of a sorority or fraternity house, but here is a list of the top spots on the OU campus for senior pictures.

In Front Of The Library

The Clock Tower

The Great Room

The Stadium To Pop Champagne

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Brandi Price Photography is happy to photograph college seniors from the University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma University, Oklahoma Christian University, Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma State University, and all other OKC metro area colleges.

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  1. Jody says:

    Love this post! College seniors deserve to celebrate their graduation with a photo shoot, for sure. And how fun are these, that library is stunning.

  2. Andrea says:

    Celebrating your graduation from college is a milestone that is so much different than gratuation from high school. I know that I was a very different person after my college years and my life took on new direction and purpose. College graduation is a milestone to capture with professional photos!

  3. Brandi, this is a great post! College graduation is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated just as much as high school graduation! It feels like it gets overlooked though. You graduate, get a job, and start adulting…and that’s it. Getting that degree is worth a special photo shoot!

  4. Susan says:

    College Grad photos are such a fabulous way to document this important moment in your life! I love how you have captured the hope and fun of this special time!

  5. Brandi I’m so glad I found this post again! I love all the ideas you have to create an amazing senior portrait session for college grads!

  6. Jodi Major says:

    Awesome college senior photos for these University of Oklahoma seniors. College seniors are often forgotten for pictures, but what a wonderful way to celebrate their accomplishment!

  7. Such an awesome time to capture! College senior pictures are so fun to celebrate adults as they start their true path and passions!

  8. Jody says:

    Brandi!!! These images are magazine worthy! You captured their excitement beautifully. A senior college session at OU is the PERFECT way to celebrate their hard work.

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