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Senior Year Bucket List

December 6, 2023

11 Things You NEED To Do Senior Year

As an Oklahoma senior photographer, I talk to many high school seniors every year. While they are getting their hair and makeup done before their session we usually discuss what they are most excited for during this year. 99% of the time they say “graduation.” While I completely understand this sentiment, I also do not want you to just miss all the fun and exciting opportunities there are during your senior year!

Creating a bucket list is a fantastic way for high school seniors to make the most of their final year before moving on to the next phase of their lives. Here are eleven ideas for an exciting and memorable bucket list:

  1. Senior Trip: Plan a memorable trip with friends or family to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit. It could be a road trip, a visit to a new city, or even an international adventure if possible. When I was in high school we had a single day senior trip with our entire senior class. I went to a very small school and we decided to go on a float trip on the Talequah river and then to dinner and a movie in the big town of Tulsa. Although it wasn’t anything over the top, it was so fun to create these last memories with people I had known since kindergarten!
  2. Volunteer Experience: Dedicate some time to volunteering for a cause you care about. Whether it’s at a local shelter, community center, or environmental organization, giving back can be incredibly rewarding.
  3. Learn a New Skill or Hobby: Use this time to pick up a new hobby or skill that you’ve always wanted to try, whether it’s learning to play a musical instrument, painting, coding, or anything else that interests you. If you are already passionate about a sport or hobby, make this your best year yet and continue to improve throughout the year.
  4. Senior Prank or Tradition: Plan a fun and harmless prank or create a new tradition with your classmates to leave a lasting mark on your school before graduating.
  5. Attend Major School Events: Make sure to attend and fully participate in major school events like prom, homecoming, sports events, or any other significant activities that your school hosts.
  6. Get Your Senior Pictures Taken: Don’t just settle for meeting up with a photographer for 30 minutes and then receiving your gallery via email. Make it a full experience! Hair and makeup, unlimited outfits, awesome products (see below), and so much more can make this one of the highlights of your senior year.
  7. Create a Memory Book: Document your senior year by creating a scrapbook or memory book filled with photos, mementos, and notes from friends and teachers. If you do not want to do all the work, check out the BPP Senior Yearbooks! All your senior year memories in one special memory book. It’s a yearbook all about YOU!
  8. Bucket List Challenge: Challenge yourself to complete a personal bucket list with specific goals and achievements you want to accomplish before the end of the school year. Grab your best friends and some coffee and make it a group challenge!
  9. Senior Skip Day: Organize a day with friends to relax, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company before graduation. Just make sure it doesn’t interfere with anything critical! (Make good choices and be responsible. I would also talk to your parents about this one.)
  10. Senior Project: Undertake a meaningful senior project that aligns with your interests or career aspirations, whether it’s research, creating something innovative, or contributing to the community.
  11. Say Goodbye and Reflect: Organize a farewell event with friends and teachers to reminisce about the good times, share memories, and reflect on the journey you’ve had together.

Remember, the goal of a bucket list is to create meaningful and memorable experiences. Customize your list to reflect your interests, passions, and aspirations as you prepare to transition from high school to the next phase of your life.

Share in the comments things that are on your bucket list!

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  1. I love all these fun ideas to make the most of senior year!! You only get one shot, and this is an excellent bucket list for high school seniors to tackle before heading off to work or college!

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