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Capturing Memories: Why Downtown OKC is the Perfect Location for Senior Pictures

September 10, 2023

Part 2 in my series of the Best Locations for Senior Photos in the OKC Metro-Area: Downtown OKC

Hey there, seniors! It’s that time of your life when you’re not only gearing up for graduation but also thinking about your awesome senior pictures. Sure, you could head to a park or a scenic spot in the countryside, but have you considered the urban charm of downtown Oklahoma City? If not, let me tell you why it’s an absolutely fantastic location for your senior photo session. As an OKC Senior Photographer for 5+ years now, I have photographed all over the place. Downtown OKC is such a great location for many reasons.

This spot just north of the Colcord Hotel is always a client favorite! The reflection of the seniors face is always perfection!
  1. Urban Vibes Meets Natural Beauty: Downtown OKC offers a unique blend of urban landscapes and natural beauty. You can strike a pose against the backdrop of reflective windows, sleek, modern architecture and old world charm. But here’s the kicker – just a stone’s throw away, you’ll find parks like Myriad Botanical Gardens (make sure and check back for a post all about the Myriad Gardens!) and Scissortail Park, providing lush greenery and vibrant flowers that add a touch of nature to your photos. It’s like having the best of both worlds!
  2. Historic Character: Downtown OKC has a rich history, and you can capture a piece of that in your senior pictures. The historic buildings, like the Skirvin Hotel and the Colcord Hotel, lend a timeless elegance to your photos. These architectural gems not only make your pictures visually stunning but also tell a story.
  3. Colorful Murals Galore: If you’re into vibrant, eye-catching backgrounds, downtown OKC has got you covered. Explore the city’s streets, and you’ll stumble upon an array of colorful and Instagram-worthy murals. These make for great backdrops that can add a pop of personality to your senior pictures.
  4. Variety of Styles: Whether you’re going for a classic, formal look or a more casual, laid-back vibe, downtown OKC offers plenty of settings to suit your style. From the sleek lines of the Devon Energy Center to the rustic charm of Bricktown, you can choose the location that best reflects your personality.
  5. Changing Scenery: One of the great things about downtown OKC is its versatility. You can start your photo session in one spot, capture some unique shots, and then move on to another location just a few blocks away. This diversity ensures that your senior pictures will have a dynamic range of backgrounds.
  6. Memories for a Lifetime: Your senior pictures aren’t just about the photos themselves; they’re about creating lasting memories. Downtown OKC’s vibrant atmosphere and diverse settings will make your photo session an unforgettable experience. Plus, you’ll always have those pictures to look back on and reminisce about your senior year.

So there you have it, folks! Downtown OKC isn’t just a place for bustling city life; it’s also a hidden gem for creating stunning senior pictures. From the urban vibes to the natural beauty, historic charm, and colorful murals, this downtown area has it all. So why not let your senior pictures reflect the vibrant and diverse person that you are? Downtown OKC is waiting to be your perfect backdrop for this exciting chapter in your life!

Check out part 1 from this series “Exploring The Best Places For Senior Pictures In OKC: The Paseo Arts District“.

Are you ready to find the perfect spot for your senior photos? Complete the contact form on my website or email me at brandi@brandipricephotography.com and we will get your booking process started!

  1. Wow, all these bright colors! I’m in love with the fun spots you have for senior pictures in OKC! Brandi, your urban photo shoots are just fabulous!

  2. Susan says:

    An urban setting for Senior Portraits is just a great idea. So many options all within walking distance!

  3. Jody Autumn says:

    These OKC senior photo spots are stunning. You do an amazing job of creating a whole vibe. Your outfit prep and location combinations are top-notch!

    • Brandi Price says:

      I love working with my seniors to choose the perfect location for their senior photos around the OKC area!

  4. You’ve styled this session beautifully. The urban setting with all of its variety and charm is perfect!

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