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Ideas for Cap and Gown Pictures | OKC Senior Pictures

April 25, 2023

As an OKC senior photographer, one of my favorite times of year is graduation season! I love seeing the excitement in my senior’s faces and the way they are looking forward to an all new adventure!

Here in Oklahoma, most seniors do not get their cap and gown until April or May. That makes is super difficult to incorporate them into their individual senior session. As a client of Brandi Price Photography, all of my seniors get a complimentary cap and gown session in the spring. I don’t want anyone to miss out on having these fun images from such a big milestone.

What to Wear Under Your Cap and Gown

While there is no hard rule for what to wear, there are some standard ways girls typically dress under their cap and gown. A lot of girls opt for a white summer dress under their cap and gown. These will match any color gown you might wear on graduation day. Black is also a popular choice for dresses under your cap and gown. Since your outfit is mostly covered under the oversized gown, the shoes are where you can really make a statement! Bright colored heels add a great pop as well as some with a little bling.

You can also wear your college t-shirt under your cap and gown. Just a little way to celebrate what you have accomplished in high school and looking forward to what lies ahead. These are a great way to show your friends and family what the next part of your journey looks like!

Cap and Gown Pictures with Your Best Friends

What better way to celebrate the end of your high school years than with one final photo shoot with your very best friends? There is almost nothing as important to you during your high school years than your friends. Let’s get you all together and create images that you can carry with you to college.

Tossing Your Graduation Cap

One of the most popular cap and gown “pose” is the tossing of the cap! This is a way to celebrate and signal the end of your high school journey. I love the little leg kick that most of my seniors do while throwing their caps in the air!

The Perfect Cap and Gown Photo

Getting the perfect cap and gown photo now will alleviate the stress of trying to get the perfect shot on graduation day! The day will be so hectic and there will be so many people around. So, while we do have tons of fun and get some light hearted shots, we will also get the classic cap and gown photo for mom.

Class of 2024, it is your turn! Your senior year will come and go so much quicker than you think. Let’s get your senior session scheduled and start your senior year off with a bang! Brandi Price Photography is currently booking summer sessions for the Class of 2024. Email me at brandi@brandipricephotography.com or complete the Contact Form and I will send you the all new 2024 Senior Magazine all about the BPP Client Experience.

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  1. While it may be easy to think about favorite outfits it is helpful to consider coordinated cap and gown ideas for senior photos. Making the whole outfit blend together with purpose gives a crisp coordinated look to photos. Excellent photo blog and beautiful Oklahoma senior pictures!

  2. Graduation is such a huge accomplishment! I think all I have is one basic cap and gown picture. These grads are so lucky to have a photographer with creative ideas so they they have both classic and fun graduation photos.

  3. Jody Autumn says:

    Love that you offer fun, spunky cap and gown sessions for graduating seniors. So much better than trying to get photos on the day of graduation when everything is hectic. Beautiful images

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